Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Fixed Up

A student saw a picture of my dog on my desk. This happened next:

7th Grade Student: Mr. H, your dog and my dog could make some pretty puppies.

Mr. H: Umm ok. Well, she's fixed, so it wouldn't really work.

7th Grade Student: That's ok, my dog's gay anyways.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birf Control

Every Friday, my classes watch a short news segment tailored to middle schoolers. I believe it readies them to watch the news and be more involved with their community...anyway. This particular Friday, the news began talking about the world's population reaching 7 billion. They pointed out that the highest fertility rate in the world was in Africa. It was also said that these people are among the poorest in the world, so that causes a challege for the people. One of my students made an important point:

7th Grade Student: Mr. H, it ain't they fault that they havin' so many babies...they ain't got no trojans down there.

Mr. H: What? Wait...don't repeat that.