Monday, February 28, 2011

Valley Reality

So we had some bad weather in the area today, and I reminded my kids what we do for a tornado drill...

Mr. H: There's some bad weather in the valley today, so if there's a tornado warning, we go in the hall and sit facing the wall.

7th Grade Student: Mr. H, you know how where we live, they call it the Tennessee valley and the heart of the valley?

Mr. H: Yes...

7th Grade Student: Where's the hidden valley?

Mr. H: Really?

7th Grade Student: That's not a real place, is it?

Mr. H: No.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Animals, Etc.

So this came from Mr. Poop's classroom. He is a geography teacher, who apparently began talking about Africa in class recently. This came from the middle school mind/mouth:

Mr. Poop's Powerpoint: Africa has a lot of animals; lions, elephants, hippos, etc.

7th Grader: Mr. Poop, what's type of animal is an etc.?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Temporarily Permanent

While in class yesterday, a student got the wild hair to put chalk dust from the chalk tray on his face.

Mr. H: Why did you put chalk on your face?

7th Grader: I wanted to look like a football player.

(I now feel compelled to tell you that this student is male, about 4 feet tall, and weighs in at about 75 pounds.)

Mr. H: Ok, I guess.

7th Grader: Mr. H, is this chalk permanent?