Monday, February 28, 2011

Valley Reality

So we had some bad weather in the area today, and I reminded my kids what we do for a tornado drill...

Mr. H: There's some bad weather in the valley today, so if there's a tornado warning, we go in the hall and sit facing the wall.

7th Grade Student: Mr. H, you know how where we live, they call it the Tennessee valley and the heart of the valley?

Mr. H: Yes...

7th Grade Student: Where's the hidden valley?

Mr. H: Really?

7th Grade Student: That's not a real place, is it?

Mr. H: No.


  1. as in hidden valley ranch dressing? LOL

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  3. Hidden Valley Ranch is a ranch in California that made its own house dressing in the 50s.

    You lied to that poor kid.

  4. Thanks Logan. Really uplifting and knowledgable. I see google works on your operating system.