Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ok. So, today class was about the census. While discussing how a country's population can grow, we talked about how the number of people born vs. the number of people dying equals either an increase or decrease in your population. This was a difficult concept for most of my students to get, thus making me reteach this over and over again. Finally, one of my students got it and you could almost see the light bulb come on in his head. Next:

Mr. H: Wow, it's like the room got brighter back here. (The students looked at me not getting my obvious reference to the light bulb) You know, like the light bulb came on in his in the cartoons.

7th graders (almost in unison): Oh!

Mr. H: Ok, glad you got that. (The class then continues for a few minutes..then this happens)

7th grade student: Mr. H, do we really have a light bulb in our head?

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