Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maps and Games

I have a map in my room of Alabama. It's a simple map with the larger cities marked, rivers, and counties. A 7th grader wondered:

7th Grade Student: Mr. H, is that a map of Alabama's 50 states?

In the same class, the same student had another moment of brilliance. We were playing a review game for our final exam. If the students answered a question correct, they got to putt a golf ball. Seems simple:

7th Grade Student 1: Oh, Mr. H, next time can we play crochet?

Mr. H: Croquet?

7th Grade Student 1: Oh Yeah!

7th Grade Student 2: I love to crochet!

7th Grade Student 1: Wait a minute...Isn't crochet when girls get their hair done?

Mr. H: Yeah, that sounds about right.

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