Friday, February 26, 2010

Funny Friday

The first story came from a brilliant student in my first period story.

7th Grade Student: My first mind told me when I woke up that I shouldn't come to school today.

An Intrigued Mr. H: What did your second mind say?

7th Grade Student: My second mind told me to get up because my mama is bringing me to school.

Mr. H: And your 3rd mind?

7th Grade Student: I told my 2nd mind to shut up.

Story #2:

As a 7th Grade Student was walking into another teacher's class between classes, she yawned and made a "yawn" sound.

Mr. H: Hey, be quiet! (In a joking manner.)

7th Grade Student: Be quiet Mr. H, I'm yarning.

Mr. H: You're yarning? It's called yawning.

7th Grade Student: Whatever, it's the same thing.

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