Friday, February 5, 2010

The Weatherlady Stories

Ok, so I was told these two stories today by a fellow teacher...we'll call her "weatherlady".

Student walks to teacher's desk: Can I go to the office, I need to talk to the Canadian.
Weatherlady: You need to talk to who?
Student: A Canadian.
Weatherlady: Why do you need to talk to a Canadian?
Student: Because my locker is stuck, and I need them to open it.
Weatherlady: And you need to talk to a Canadian?

...needless to say, the student meant custodian.

This next story might be the best on the told to me by Weatherlady.

Announcement on the intercom: Students, be sure to bring in supplies for Haiti. We're taking up diapers, etc.
7th grade student: Who is Haiti? and why is she pregnant? just have to laugh.

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